Mentoring is an easy way to make a real impact on the Westlake School of Business Community. The mentor committee of Westlake School of Business is comprised of industry leading professionals and experienced professors who support the students to accomplish their goals. Our mentorship program provides students the guidance, encouragement and skills to build businesses that make a better world for all. The mentors inculcate the can-do spirit and optimism which will help to achieve personal, academic and professional goals for the student, thus making a real and tangible difference. Through our mentorship program the students gain insights and perspectives on the open possibilities to bring the dream career into reality. Being a part of the mentorship program at Westlake School of Business you are shaped for a dynamic career and pocket the ability to master yourself and lead and manage others.

The students are connected in a one-on-one, relaxed, informal way with their mentors. The student-mentor relationship at Westlake School of Business is a valuable relationship that serves as an important complement to your classroom and action learning experience. During mentoring sessions, students can discuss about areas of study, career interests and career paths. These discussions bring valuable exposure to different industries and job functions, opening your eyes to different types of careers and experience available to you upon graduation. The mentors help perpetuate, grow and strengthen the skills to prepare the students to be better leaders and employees. Mentors at Westlake School of Business help their mentees to work to their fullest potential. The mentorship program is designed to improve the performance and professionalism of the students who have chosen the online program.