The multidisciplinary MBA programme at Westlake School of Business which gives a practical orientation has a number of requirements for all potential applicants   to maintain a strong, intellectual student body.  This online MBA program which remains focused on key management areas while paying sound attention to the critical skills that prepares the students for an outstanding performance in the business environment expects every applicant to be an undergraduate degree holder. Students are also provided with insight and skills related to the areas of social responsibility, the environment and corporate citizenship.

Westlake School of Business does not conduct any entrance exams. The online degree program at Westlake School of Business does not request to submit any standardized test scores from the students.

All Westlake courses are taught entirely in English hence applicants are expected to be proficient in the English language. If an applicant is a non-native English speaker, or the primary language of instruction of their high school institution was not English, they will need to provide proof of English proficiency. Refugees and Asylum-Seekers who are unable to produce original diplomas and/or transcripts may submit an alternative documentation.