Westlake School of Business is the world’s first fully online business school with a vision to be a leader in business education, research and industry connection which aims to create top-notch , industry-ready managers,  and professionals with the ability to transform the business knowledge into  skills. Westlake School of Business strives for  the betterment of the society which benefits the businesses and corporates across the globe through the power of innovative business thinking.

Our goal is to attract the global brilliant minds and provide a platform to nurture innovative and practical business thinking that can help connect the industry-ready business professionals with institutions and employers.


  • To inspire brilliant minds and help them become business leaders
  • To provide an MBA which suits  today’s industry and institutional business requirements
  • To produce world-class business leaders who can think on a global scale and help them have successful careers across industries
  • To provide an affordable and quality online business education that is accessible to people from all walks of life in different countries

Westlake School of Business is highly mission driven and aims to expand access to a flexible and industry focused business education through online. We orient towards reaching as many students as possible with our services and inspire them.

About our business school

The teaching and learning methods adapted by Westlake School of Business take education right to the heart of business leadership and management practices. Our tutors are academic professors with experience from reputed universities and professionals who had the know-how of businesses.  We combines the basics of management theories with real world experience which allows candidates to apply the gained  knowledge as  business skills right from the beginning of the career.