Westlake Research Centre (WRC) is a research platform and business intelligence tool for over 40,000+ corporate, academic, government and nonprofit clients at over 400+ institutions in 30+ countries. The aim of the research center at Westlake Business School is

  • To provide a base for scholarly investigation which makes practical application of knowledge possible
  • To improve understanding and provide intellectual leadership of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • To provide independent, cross-disciplinary research and recommendations to drive the global business community
  • To explore fresh approaches to business opportunities and potential solutions through new methods and techniques

WRC provides the users with one location to access over 250 terabytes of data across multiple disciplines including Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, ESG and Statistics, Integrating research and practice to enhance the impact of the course. The objectives Our vision is to provide advance understanding and impactful practice of business through research and education.  Our goal is to be a resource and knowledge hub to bridge those who have the ability and desire to do good and with those in need. Our education efforts will emphasize and support capabilities-building through executive education and practical learning experiences.